She already married, good wind Sihan to her, I am relieved.

Xia Mulin answer, is not to love.

That is his life, and the first time the love. Do not mean that love is not love. Is not to say he leaves Iraq pupil feeling that love between men and women. Perhaps this is the the third legendary love it. Beyond affection, love is over.

You answer, although not the most positive answer, but your answer, and in good faith, I believe you, man. Emotion Shigeyoshi So this time it? Did not know Lady did not tell you, she would not give you up? course, I want a girl, she called Mo Siu Sai, right?, I think, she will not easily give up your right?

The Man Qing Gu has never been involved in which affection between men and women, however, she did understand. Even deeply appreciate.

His daughter is what kind of person, Gu Man Qing understand. But Mok Siu Sai Man Qing Gu do not know, however, she was vaguely from the occurrence ,thomas sabo bracelets uk, of these things ,thomas sabo skull ring, to be seen the Mo small West Daoxing.

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Chapter 298 chat

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Leaves Iraq pupil can not say what, three people told her more or less disarray relationship. Biased, if it caused any regret, it all makes leaves Iraq pupil remorse regret.

Thank you, sister-in-law.

Wind Lady smiled.

You say that kid with another woman?

Upstairs, came the sound of Gu Man Qing ……

Mommy, you’re not saying you’re not comfortable, upstairs, the rest of you?

Wind Lady stepped forward, she did not want to use to say otherwise, Mommy thought she Xiamu Lin bullied badly! Must make Mommy discount points on the Xia Mulin the ,thomas sabo christmas charms, impression.

Your brother has come.

Gu Man the Qing side down the stairs, while ,thomas sabo bracelets uk, softly said.

Brother ……

Wind Sihan know, Gu Man Qing mouth requires, not their own.

This matter the wind Sihan to before, also told the leaves Iraq pupil.

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Not a suspect, his wife now this happy, what can not be replaced.

Lady, lady.

The two men were talking, will be maid came over and said, wind beauty back.

Wives, and after lunch time, she ,thomas sabo bluewater, is not to go the gallery it?

Man Qing Gu spoon and soup to the pot inside a Fu-care. Off the apron, Wangwaimian walked.

Been a long time, the the wind beauty of life, are very regular.

Hospitals morning, afternoon gallery, a date night or occasionally in the gallery. Law and fulfilling.

Lady it?

The Man Qing Gu out of the kitchen, the living room inside has the the wind beauty of figure!

Upstairs, Gu Man Qing just went to the daughter’s room door, the room would have heard outgoing daughter’s crying. Gu Man Qing feet, set in place, do not know how to do. This is her proud daughter grow up sad cry. ,thomas sabo pearl necklace, She is so strong, and proud of the girls, what’s going on, to let her cry it?

Pound …… beauty, all right? Wives, Mommy can come in this?

Man Qing Gu is a little worried, she bad knock on the door directly into it, as crashed daughter look awkward, wind beauty will only make the heart more sad.

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Lady last night told me.

Yes. Style house after dinner ,thomas sabo friendship bracelet, last night, the wind beauty on their own texting to Xia Mulin a. She said, the keep up Mok Siu Sai fair competition, will not give up.

Perhaps, the wind beauty to opt. Xiamu Lin would not be so sad. Perhaps, wind beauty gave up Xiamu Lin looks not so haggard.

The Wind Lady of abandon, for Xiamu Lin, perhaps, is a relief.

Even if the wind beauty touched not let Xiamu Lin, Mok Siu Sai has any contingent waiting for him to go responsibly.

He Xiamu Lin is a very responsible man. Him how to sleep Mok Siu Sai dropped regardless of it? This simply is not his style.

It appears ,thomas sabo cheap, that what happened that night, and not all your fault.

Gu Man Qing is over, and her daughters have good, not necessarily to a neighbor’s daughter, also owns. Maybe, that girl who called Mok Siu Sai not only kind, as well as calculating.

Listened to Gu Man Qing Xia Mulin suddenly do not understand. Man Qing Gu strong woman should be in order to wind his girlfriend hate myself fishes ah. But how, in turn, she also said that not all the blame yourself? Is Xia Mulin own auditory hallucinations, and got it wrong? Would not you?

If you do not mind, I suggest you back after work today, ask that Miss Mo, and ask her, that night, you have drunk unconscious she was still physically escorted you home, then she must know what effort you conquer her.

Man Qing Gu saying this, his face suddenly surfaced trace in her pale face does not meet the look.

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Gu Man Qing smiled. She thought, Ling Tianrui should not know that she was not his biological mother.

Ling Tianrui smiled, did not speak, and no other action. Presumably, he really just wanted Congratulations Man Qing Gu.

Well, I accept your Congratulations fact, today I call you out to accompany me a cup of coffee can be considered an ulterior motive.

Man Qing Gu, put down the spoon and coffee cup, she thought, Ling Tianrui must be able to help her some what. Of course, but she also did not want good, not to say the need to request and told Ling Tianrui, he was not their son. Over the years, the Man Qing Gu is never the means of the use of deception to get what she wants.

What I do to help?

Ling Tianrui actually very smart, he seemed insight into the thoughts Gu Man Qing.

Well, you really very smart, Tianrui I thought, when I say I plead, I hope you can give me a few minutes, I want to tell you one thing.

You want to tell me?, The thing I’m not your son?

The ,thomas sabo christmas charms, Man Qing Gu looked up surprised, Ling Tianrui is clever, but you will not be so smart ah? How fine with monkeys like you.

How do you know?

From the day I go to your house to recognize the pro know your personal maid said, we, ,thomas sabo skull ring, the young may be some differences.

The looked Gu Man Qing Ling Tianrui, this child, Ling Tianrui children. Otherwise, according to his temper, he should say so. Even followed also do not have to spend time to socialize.

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Truth, in the mouth of a Fu. Necessary to blurt out.

Fu, then how?

Gu Man Qing heart, when the word severely shaken.

After a lapse of so many years, she will order a simple word ‘when’ and terribly upset.

All year, it is people still remember the deep. Perhaps those in pain, ,thomas sabo charms sale, those who love as time goes on, deep buried deep in the bone marrow.

Lady, when you ease Mr. kids ……

The Fufu sentiment also follow the excitement. She suddenly some blame themselves, how can this be? A Fu, how can you go back on it? You are not already decided, never tell when the truth? Now his wife has found ‘son’ Lingtian Rui, she was very happy, very happy, very happy, this is not very good yet?

Child ……

Gu Man Qing found Ling Tianrui.

However, for children, Gu Man Qing always also want to know more.

Years for child’s memory, Gu Man Qing Close your eyes and everything, only to stay in her production of analgesic screen. Home inside the person, as the child inside her stomach, are like the enemy. ,thomas sabo skull ring, However, she did make every effort to fight their own lives, let that child was born.

However, the child was born, and her brain memories forever fixed. One compartment is 20 years!

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Less wind, you say, total care she meant …

Han Xu did not dare to say, he felt that it was a crazy game. Man Qing Gu this woman is a master of the game!

Absolutely not acted as lookouts home stuff something into her Gu Man Qing.

Wind Sihan suddenly eyes radiating coldness, his anger. Previously, he worked hard at the mall, Han Xu ,thomas sabo charms sale, often see this vision. Then, is the pink opponent, miserable death. Really did not expect such a long time, Han Xu thought Sihan the character of the wind, leaves Iraq pupil to grind it.

Less wind, if anything, feel free to let me know.

Blow to those shareholders, so that they awake the current status quo, the the Man Qing Gu things to do as well as purpose and I do not want to let her so soon succeed.

Wind Sihan think this trick, he will have to delay lived Gu Man Qing footsteps.


Wind house.

Gu Man Qing study, a Fu has been re-arranged already, but look, they follow nothing. Originally placed what, now, that place is still something lying. Qing Gu Man brought back from the group, a lot of work, a home, ,thomas sabo pearl necklace, and began preparations.

Lady, you work day, also work with home inside, not too tired.

A Fu Gu Man Qing’s body is still very worried. That suddenly fainted Fu are also scared. Doctors although the Man Qing Gu emotions excited, so that led to that result. However, a Fu quietly request the doctor to do a comprehensive physical examination to Gu Man Qing.

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Do not … do not cry …

Xia Mulin, you can not right I am responsible for, ,thomas sabo friendship bracelet, I really do not care but, but you can not help but responsible for the child inside of my stomach ah child is innocent, I was an orphan, and I really do not want to, do not want to let me child born, there is no father and I do not want to wait until grow up he pointed at me and asked my mother, my father? why the other kids have a dad, except I do not have at my side, Iraq pupil has such a tragedy, she grew up without a mother. I watched Iraqi pupil for so many years by a lot of crying and I watched, she was bullied by a lot of people. Xiamu Lin, I do not want to, do not want my child , repeated Iraqi pupil childhood road traveled. perhaps a child without a mother, and also does not matter, at least, his father’s shoulders thick powerful. Xiamu Lin, I can not you, but the child he can not live without you …

Suddenly, the momentum of Mok Siu Sai is also low down, her side of the low down and crying sound.

What? Pregnant ……

Mok Siu Sai then wind beauty only clearly hear the words. Suddenly, the wind beauty of mind, it becomes a mass of paste. Really Paste her a moment, everything can not think about, but also what can not go to the tube. She only knew, opposite the woman, his stomach inside his boyfriend’s child … This is a dreadful thing!

Do you talk slowly, I go out first ……

The wind beauty very frustrated, she ,thomas sabo christmas charms, thought, the mother will find Xiamu Lin conversation, then, Xia Mulin will react something. Things will change. But how have not thought of, Mok Siu Sai unexpectedly pregnant. It was an accident, a people somewhat difficult to accept the unexpected.

Lady …

The beauty of wind grabbed his bag, and Xia Mulin pass her wrist Xiamu Lin to seize.

Mullin, the arrival of children, it is too sudden and we need time, let us each waking some.

Then, the wind the beauty opened Xiamu Lin to seize the hand of his wrist, happy to leave the office.

The moment, the wind, the beauty of the office, the negotiations became Xiamu Lin and Mo Siu Sai field.

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Man Qing Gu is so happy, and twenty years, she was depressed enough, now, she wants to enjoy this ,thomas sabo friendship bracelet, mother and wanton feelings.

Ling is very filial, although he now can not open a moment to call you a mother, but he has already begun, it is filial just ……

How? Speak said half and unlike a Fu your character.

Evening dinner table above is indeed some embarrassment, but Gu Man Qing already feel that it does not affect anything. At least, does not affect the relationship between her and her son.

Ms Yip, little lady, she seems, does not let go. To Mrs. should tell her, that leaves the parent thing, in fact, not Mrs. you do? Since Mr. deathbed truth in the matter of the letter will be told his wife, his wife also have told Ms Yip, Ms Yip is now our house less Mrs. Ling was so loved Ms Yip If this thing cross between everyone, will not affect the relationship. ?

A Fu think, really ought to know the truth so that leaves Iraq pupil.

Fu, you do not remind me, I had almost forgotten. However, Fu, I can not be so heartless. Voyage he has left, his reputation, so the front of the sun, and I do not want his death bear. between me and ,thomas sabo cheap, leaves Iraq pupil there this hatred then? cold children always are not my biological children, do not tell the truth of the death of her father leaves Iraq pupil, perhaps, between her and the cold child’s feelings , but also more stable, at least, I do not have any direct kinship If Miss Ye know, her father died in the hands of their husband’s father and a Fu, do you think, Miss Ye and cold children between, but also as they are now so you? the Tianrui feelings of the leaf Iraq pupil, no matter how deep intense, one day, also leaves Iraqi pupil she is the wife of the cold children full fades.

Man Qing Gu seemed a little do not care leaves Iraq pupil hated Instead, confidentiality leaves Iraq pupil father’s death, she was so calm.

Wind voyage alive, how much I love her, she was the only consultant Man Qing know. Man Qing Gu learned that her whole life, and are unable to repay, repay wind voyage to her share of love. So, to keep all his posthumous reputation, can be considered her return those the Prevention of Cruelty to comfort it.

Listening to the words of Gu Man Qing, a Fu moment, do not know what to say.

Man Qing Gu is a very different woman. From her young, is not the same. She and other family ladies, her rebellious, and intelligent. She chose the man they like, but not a dude, family rich. The man of her choice, just because of that man, as she is as pure and beautiful, wise play.

However, fate, or can not give them that opportunity.

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Chapter 299 of the time is the best

Plan, will never waste a little time. Man Qing Gu is also true, the wind beauty taken from the home inside a bank safe key to Man Qing Gu, Gu Man Qing discharged.

Of course, it does not require ,thomas sabo bluewater, the discharge formalities discharged.

Lady, you are so discharged, Lady Miss unhappy.

Man Qing Gu Lady do not pay attention, take advantage of the wind with a Fu left the hospital. The car straight away toward the direction of the bank the Man Qing Gu a very important thing, go to the bank.

Fu, not long-winded, one would call beauty, told her, discharge formalities to her running a.

Man Qing Gu looked in front of co-pilot position Fu, Fu-point head.

To the door of the bank, Gu Man Qing get off the hands holding the key to the safe. For so many years, she never thought that one day, to open the safe. Man Qing Gu just glad, glad that the decision she had done so correctly.

The bank manager was very polite with Gu Man Qing ,thomas sabo pearl necklace, into the safe room, Gu open vine Qing, that their own safe. Glances, Gu Man Qing or hand took out safe only paper bags.

Wind Lady, is to take away the things still need to deposit?

Manager flattery of wearing white gloves, ready to help Man Qing Gu closed the safe, or put things waiting Gu Man Qing, then closed the door of the safe.

Do not shut it.

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